Eddie the Yeti

Eddie the Yeti — Air Dough Collectibles

This project was created for Scentco Inc as part of their Air Dough line. The ‘Air Dough Collectibles’ product was made to be a collection of 5″ characters that could be built and then displayed in the included box. 

For this project, the design team was tasked with creating all of the characters as well as the instructions on how to build them. The character that I created was “Eddie the Yeti” and was made to be a friendly character based off of yeti/bigfoot and was made to be winter-inspired with the color palette and stocking cap that he wore. 

The packaging was created by the design team to be the same for all of the characters with a palette swap based on the character that was created. 

For this project, an instructional video was also created and I was the featured builder for the video. The packaging had a QR code inside so that the customer could scan the code to access the instructional video.