Lawmatics Time and Billing

Lawmatics — Time and Billing Section

Lawmatics Time and Billing Section

This project was created for Lawmatics to promote their new Time & Billing features for their law CRM software. The Time & Billing section was broken down into four different web pages. One overview page and then three different pages to focus on the three main features. Each page contained information on the new features as well as multiple Calls to Action for the viewer to book a demo to try out the features. Visuals for these pages were a mix of screenshots of the new features and stock photo images that represented a user taking advantage of the new Time & Billing features.

This section also had to be integrated into the rest of the website flow. So, I also added a new section to both the header and footer that showed each section as well as listing ‘Time and Billing’ as a new section within the site navigation.

Lawmatics Time and Billing 01
Lawmatics Time and Billing 03